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Our Approach

Burundukmedia is not just a travel blog. Here is the site of inspiration. On burundukmedia you can find not only detailed travel guides or personal trip stories about the cities and areas from all over the world, but burundukmedia really wants you to be inspired to explore the best planet in Solar System. Here we are trying to explain how to plan, make and enjoy your trips.

Our Story

The team of burundukmedia is not only a family of travel lovers, but also a professional analyst and a serious lawyer, script-writer copywriter, blogger and more. We can’t imagine our life without traveling. Our usual trip is a 3-7 days journey, planned only by ourselves, so we can give some advice about making each trip deep and useful. We also understand, that usually every trip needs a lot of money, so, in these articles we are trying to sum up the costs of each travel and present the working lifehacks about saving money in your journeys.

Meet the Team

Here is the inspired team of Burundukmedia. Every trip, every article, every moment on this site is made by these people. So, please welcome:

Ksenia Vishniakova

Ksenia Burunduk

Co-founder, editor

Ksenia is a person, who loves planning all trips, looking for hotels, things to do and places to eat. That is a woman, who understands, that sneakers is the best footwear to explore the city, and walking 20+ kilometers through unknown city is the best kind of rest

Victor Nikulin (Burunduk)

Victor Nikulin on Berendukmedia

Co-founder, main author

Victor is the author of all articles on Burundukmedia. He is not only a travel blogger, but also a script-writer (all the scripts on the site are written by him). It is important to say, that Burunduk has got a terrible aerophobia. And here he gives some advice how to go through your phobias if really like traveling.


Our publications

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